Table Two Solution


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Ashish Khanna - World Bank 

Government incentivised decentralisation of energy supply. 


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Table Ten Solution

Vipul Tuli - Mckinsey
Shrikumar Suryanarayan - Sea6 Energy pvt. Ltd

Achieving clean non fossil through off-shore and on-shore renewable solutions.

Table Nine Solution

Ashish Bhandari - GE Oil and Gas

Conserving energy and and integrating input and output pricing.

Table Eight Solution

Tobias Englemeier - Bridge to India

Power in a box: Generating and storing power in a mobile, flexible, clean consumer product.

Table Seven Solution

Shashanka Shekhar - Panda ReNew Power

Energy security through technological breakthrough, community involvement, policy and funding.

Table Six Solution

Dr Anoop Singh - India Institute of Technology 

Financial smart green solutions for integrating distributed energy generation.

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