The brainstorm experience


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See how the full experience of the London 2013 brainstorm event on Empowering Innovation.

If you were not lucky enough to be at the Energy Opportunities brainstorm at the Heron Tower in London we’ve put together this video so you can relive the experience of those who attended on the night. This is something we’ll do from all the brainstorms this year so look out for similar videos from Bangkok & Delhi later in the year.

This video will run you through how the brainstorm was set up and bring you some key insights into the process used by CNBC’s Creative Solutions team. Geoff Cutmore’s message from the future revealed the headline: In 2035, despite a ballooning population, the IT and mobile revolution has led to a 20% decline in emissions over the past 20 years. The job of attendees was to think about how Individuals or Businesses or Governments made this happen.

 Now imagine you have come up the lift to the 39th Floor of The Heron Tower. The views are spectacular. We can’t offer you a drink but we can give you a taste of the brainstorm experience...


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The brainstorm experience

See how the full experience of the London 2013 brainstorm event on Empowering Innovation.

Participant viewpoint: Christele Delbe

Christele Delbe, Vodafone Group: Machine-to-machine innovation can help a company's carbon balance sheet.

Participant viewpoint: James Cameron

James Cameron, Climate Change Capital: New language is needed to encourage a positive change in society.

Participant viewpoint: Louise Kingham

Louise Kingham: Energy use is opaque to consumers: industry has to use gaming and IT solutions to make efficiency appealing.

London Brainstorm Highlights

This year’s first brainstorm took place at the top of the Heron Tower in London; the view over the city combined with the light bulb decoration helped spark some creative thinking and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.