London Brainstorm Slideshow


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A selection of highlights from our London Brainstorm event.


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The brainstorm experience

See how the full experience of the London 2013 brainstorm event on Empowering Innovation.

Participant viewpoint: Christele Delbe

Christele Delbe, Vodafone Group: Machine-to-machine innovation can help a company's carbon balance sheet.

Participant viewpoint: James Cameron

James Cameron, Climate Change Capital: New language is needed to encourage a positive change in society.

Participant viewpoint: Louise Kingham

Louise Kingham: Energy use is opaque to consumers: industry has to use gaming and IT solutions to make efficiency appealing.

London Brainstorm Highlights

This year’s first brainstorm took place at the top of the Heron Tower in London; the view over the city combined with the light bulb decoration helped spark some creative thinking and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.