The World's Greenest Vehicle?


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Gordon Murray, car designer and winner, with McLaren, of five Formula One championships and 50 Grand Prixs, turned his prowess to issues of congestion and sustainability in 2007.

Gordon Murray, formerly McLaren's F1 head designer and now director of Gordon Murray Design, first designed the T25, petrol powered prototype (which achieved almost 100mpg on the Brighton to London future cars rally) and then pushed the design even further with the addition of an electric motor in the recently completed T27. In this, the first footage of the T27, Murray explains the groundbreaking attitude employed throughout the production chain of the vehicle to try to create the world's greenest motor vehicle. 

Congratulations to Mr. Murray! Kudos to all car designer who are promoting electric car toward a sustainable environment. Meanwhile, before you go to the car dealership, it is usually better to get pre-approved on a car loan and do some homework. You can get some help with a site I used. Sellers are always pressuring you to purchase on your first visit, and you also can do that for those who have already done your research. Read here:

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