Electric cars can be the answer


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James Murray of BusinessGreen talks to Energy Opportunities about the possibilities for electric cars.

Founding editor of BusinessGreen, James' reports on the environment have also appeared on the BBC and The Guardian. He was recently voted number 8 in the Press Gazzette's list of 50 Top Environmental Journalists. With a background in IT publications he leads the way in discussing technology, economics and low carbon policy. 

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Maybe some are not into green cars. But some are still determined that electrics cars can be the possible solution for energy efficiency. The zero-emission transport is emerging as the most reliable and environmentally responsible option lately. We cannot blame technology to produce sustainable energy tools to support the oil price growing demands for vehicles. We are all struggling to earn cash or ask for <a href="https://personalmoneynetwork.com/">cash assistance</a>and beat the life of growing prices of commodities especially gas prices.

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Concern towards India’s increasing energy requirements and the challenge of fulfilling these needs in a sustainable manner is not a new issue. 

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India and the world's energy mix is mostly driven by coal, oil & gas and up to 2025, 80 % of it will still be met by fossil fuels. Beyond 2025, renewables may offset the mix in their favour. The world's energy demand will increase at the rate of 2% per year, however India's energy demand may increase around 6 % year. 

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