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IT has changed so many areas of our lives, can the sector solve our energy crisis?

Information Technology has revolutionised work and leisure, transportation and prediction.

Many IT companies are focussed on reducing their own energy bill,  but to have a real impact on emissions the sector could look to efficiency and consumption reduction. What are the solutions out there? If reducing energy waste is the low hanging fruit, what are the high level solutions that should be attempted? Are there areas that need investigation now, and are there things that consumers and policy makers could do to encourage innovation and adoption of solutions?


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Time to act

Leena Pishe Thomas gives her appraisal of the Delhi brainstorm event.

New choices

There are many possible solutions to mitigating climate change  but frequently even small changes are blocked. How can the barriers to a clean energy future be overcome, and change implemented?

Are India’s current initiatives sufficient?

Concern towards India’s increasing energy requirements and the challenge of fulfilling these needs in a sustainable manner is not a new issue. 

India's immediate energy solution

India and the world's energy mix is mostly driven by coal, oil & gas and up to 2025, 80 % of it will still be met by fossil fuels. Beyond 2025, renewables may offset the mix in their favour. The world's energy demand will increase at the rate of 2% per year, however India's energy demand may increase around 6 % year. 

Capacity Conundrum

How can India avoid blackouts as its population soars?