An energy storage revolution


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What if the entire structure of your cellphone could be a battery?

Could an electric car's range be extended by storing power in the frame of the vehicle? Dr Emile Greenhalgh, Reader in Composite Materials at Imperial College, London has been developing a carbon fibre material that enables electricity to be stored outside of the battery. Currently working with a helicopter prototype, Dr Greenhalgh's work has efficiency implications for every kind of mobile electronic device.


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Are India’s current initiatives sufficient?

Concern towards India’s increasing energy requirements and the challenge of fulfilling these needs in a sustainable manner is not a new issue. 

India's immediate energy solution

India and the world's energy mix is mostly driven by coal, oil & gas and up to 2025, 80 % of it will still be met by fossil fuels. Beyond 2025, renewables may offset the mix in their favour. The world's energy demand will increase at the rate of 2% per year, however India's energy demand may increase around 6 % year. 

Capacity Conundrum

How can India avoid blackouts as its population soars?

Turning points

The lessons learned from India’s 2012 blackouts

Transport Planners Strike Gold

Abigail Evans of Meinhardt shares her thoughts on the brainstorm.

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