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Countries are setting ambitious targets for clean energy.


An answer to Asia’s transportation challenges.


IT has changed so many areas of our lives, can the sector solve our energy crisis?


SAP and Ericsson illustrate what IT can do for cleaner energy.

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Global business and the dawn of a new energy reality

The need to transform the Global Economy towards a more sustainable future is a given to most but who should be driving that change is a hot topic. Many believe that governments have failed to deliver the leadership required, resulting in confusing legislation and a lack of coherent policy. This has led to a call for businesses to lead the way.

By Harvard Business Review Analytic Services - Published 30.09.2011

Solar is ready

Dr Jeremy Leggett is the Founder and Chairman of SolarCentury, so it is no surprise that he believes that the cost of solar energy will eventually reach parity with traditional electricity sources. What may be a surprise is that he believes this future will be achieved by 2013.

Only people can make the smart grid smart

UCLA's Matthew E. Khan gives his view on how Smart Grid success is dependant on smart consumers.

By Matthew E. Kahn - Published 20.09.2011

Combine optimism with action

CNBC interviewed Icelandic President, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson to hear how he believes that other countries can learn from Iceland's sustainable energy experiences.

Fraternal twins: population and climate change?

Dr. Mick Blowfield of Oxford University says the biggest climate change challenge is population

By Dr. Mick Blowfield - Published 02.09.2011

The World's Greenest Vehicle?

Gordon Murray, car designer and winner, with McLaren, of five Formula One championships and 50 Grand Prixs, turned his prowess to issues of congestion and sustainability in 2007.

Electric cars can be the answer

James Murray of BusinessGreen talks to Energy Opportunities about the possibilities for electric cars.

Cities beyond airports

City growth is driven by trade and transportation. Throughout history, cities prospered because they had something to offer that someone else wanted, and the good locational fortune to be accessible to important land, sea or rail lines. 

By Peter Droege and Matthew Ulterino - Published 14.07.2011

Black cabs go green

CNBC interviewed Henri Winand, CEO of Intelligent Energy on their work with fuel cell powered taxi cabs.

The price of mobility

Are rising fuel prices changing the way we live?

By Matthew E.Kahn - Published 20.05.2011

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