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Countries are setting ambitious targets for clean energy.


An answer to Asia’s transportation challenges.


IT has changed so many areas of our lives, can the sector solve our energy crisis?


SAP and Ericsson illustrate what IT can do for cleaner energy.

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Europe: Unfit for the future?

Christophe Frei provides his view on Europe’s energy future.

Kuala Lumpur Participant's Report

Nithi Neseadurai, President - Environmental Protection Society Malayasia, gives his thoughts on the Kuala Lumpur Brainstorm event.

A Sustainable Gas Market for Asia

Consumption and trade in natural gas in East and Northeast Asia has risen extremely fast over the last two decades. Several countries have already emerged as major participants in this Asian gas story; but the existing patterns of trade and production are by no means fixed and could be radically altered by economic, political and environmental events.

Asian consumption is a grave threat

Chandran Nair, Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow, illustrates the challenges created by Asia's demand for fossil fuels. 

By Chandran Nair - Published 21.11.2011

The solution is fusion

Fusion energy has been promised for 60 years, but Steven Cowley, CEO of the UK Nuclear Energy Authority and principle investigator at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy believes that this technology is just around the corner. Cowley oversees the UK's fusion research programme, including the MAST experiment. Culham also hosts the European-wide JET facility, which has recently been upgraded and is now running fusion bursts of 30 seconds 10-12 times a day.

A power plant-scale device (ITER) is due to be built in France in the near future on the basis of these experiments.

Nuclear apologists are deluded

The nuclear debate has reached a new stage with several prominent environmentalists endorsing fission as a necessary addition to the energy mix. Co-founder of Friends of the Earth and Founding Director of Forum for the Future Jonathon Porritt argues that anyone favouring nuclear energy has not looked properly at the economics or has been suckered by industry propaganda. Porritt argues that the nuclear industry has not delivered on 60 years of promises, and he doubts that it never will. 

An energy storage revolution

What if the entire structure of your cellphone could be a battery?

We have the solutions

Zachary Shahan of Clean Technica talks to Energy Opportunities about the importance of acting to save the environment – and the importance of bloggers in promoting that message.

Ignore miles per gallon

Lem Bingley, founder of greenmotor.co.uk talks to Energy Opportunities about the future of cleaner cars.

HBR Webinar - The new energy economy

Renowned Harvard Professor Michael McElroy discusses our energy future. 

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