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Countries are setting ambitious targets for clean energy.


An answer to Asia’s transportation challenges.


IT has changed so many areas of our lives, can the sector solve our energy crisis?


SAP and Ericsson illustrate what IT can do for cleaner energy.

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Living cities

How can cities avoid becoming horrible places to live?

Consumer Power!

Nandini Basuthakur of Opower shares her experience of the brainstorm. 

Turn Attention Outwards

The IT sector must shift focus to effect change

Computing Green

IT has changed so many areas of our lives, can the sector solve our energy crisis?

Creating intelligent networks

Can cross-sector cooperation create energy efficient communication?
By Thierry Van Landegem, Chairman of the Board, GreenTouch

Information Revelation

The chief sustainability executives of Ericsson and SAP, Elaine Weidman-Grunewald and Peter Graf, explain what a great effect the information and communications industries can have on clean energy and emissions.

Could gas be our saviour?

On May 21st, his first day in office, the new US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz said he was open to the possibility of exporting LNG around the world. Here is his Energy Opportunities interview from 2011 in which he discusses the need for more use of gas in the United States so that carbon emissions can be cut substantially.

Brainstorm Call to Monetarise Efficiency, Effectively Price Energy and Carbon

Ken Hickson, Chairman and CEO - Sustain Ability Showcase Asia, participated in the 2012 Singapore brainstorm event and gives his thoughts on the topics discussed. 

Fuel Choice for Asia

Dr. Gal Luft, Co-Director - Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, looks at the choices for diversifying Asia's fuel usage. 

Lessons from America

It is common knowledge that shale gas, or fracking, has transformed the energy landscape in America. The widespread rollout of fracking has lowered natural gas prices and given the US an abundant supply. So much so that it is now exporting excess supplies to other countries. But in Europe, where a safety first approach has been adopted, progress has been slow and hindered by environmental concerns. As Europe ponders whether to embrace shale gas let’s take a look at the American story as it offers plenty of food for thought for policy makers and environmentalists.  

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