2011 Documentary


Part one examines the global energy demand challenge and how we are meeting it.


Part two looks at how our desire for mobility affects our demand for energy.


Part Three investigates the alternatives to traditional carbon based fuels.


Uncovering the solutions that could lead to a cleaner energy future.

About the Documentary

Throughout 2011, Energy Opportunities has taken us on a fascinating journey of ideas and innovation that started in London and ended in Singapore via Dalian. The on the ground events were packed with some of the planet’s smartest and most influential people. People who gave their time to brainstorm solutions to our greatest energy challenges. Using the unique brainstorm wheel developed by CNBC’s Creative Solutions, people were taken out of their comfort zones and asked to brainstorm solutions from the perspectives of policy makers, businesses and individuals.

This documentary aims to take you on the journey so you can witness the energy of the on the ground events. It will lay out the challenges and potential solutions, including contributions from politicians including the President of The Maldives and President of Iceland, business leaders such as Bill Ford Jr and Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray plus academics Jeffrey Sachs and Bjørn Lomborg as well as many participants from the global events.

Please do let us know what you think of the ideas presented here, and what topics you think need further investigation as we look to make sure Energy Opportunities continues the success of 2011.