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Energy Opportunities: Innovating for a Clean Energy Future

Brainstorming in progress

Energy Opportunities 2013 is a series of executive brainstorms staged around the world investigating game changing methods to bring about a clean energy future.

In the face of massive population growth and constrained resources, how do we plan for an energy-dependent future? Can the world make choices now that will help pull millions out of poverty, bring electricity to all, continue global economic growth and avoid the health consequences of dirty fuels and climate change?

This year, Energy Opportunities will look at some of the most vital questions in this field: how do we use information technology, how do we create cities in Asia that allow for movement of people and goods and how can India develop into the world’s most populated country while creating energy security? At the centre of all of these topics is the big question - how do we create, harness and maintain innovation?

At the end of the year, the best ideas will be reviewed and the most workable solutions brought forward at a concluding event in London.

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